Smart Punctuation not working on Webfont

Hi I have recently completed this typeface and the punctuation is working on desktop, however when we use the font online, the quote marks are not correct. I’m testing the web version here

For example, if I try to write the following sentence – “For once, maybe someone will call me ‘sir’ without adding, ‘you’re making a scene.’ ” – the wrong quote marks appear. (Pasting the sentence in works).

Appreciate any help on this,

Thanks, L

What is it that you have done in “smart punctuation”? This is something that’s not possible (or even a responsibility) at the font level.

Hi. I haven’t done anything exotic with the punctuation, I just mean right and left quotes appearing in the correct place when using the font on desktop.

My client was wondering why punctuation behaves differently online, but I have since discovered that it’s not something I can influence from the design end. Thanks for confirming!

Yes. This is not the job of the font. Some apps convert them automatically. There are some web solutions as well, e.g. this forum software translates 'abc' into: ‘abc’.