Snapping Problems

Is there any way that you can drag this point to the crossing position? The crossing point comes from two slant rectangles. So the crossing point is not on the grid.

Thank you!


If the grid is set to integer coordinates, you can’t snap to floating points.
When you set the point close enough, it other outline will move to the same spot after remove overlap.

Yes, after I remove overlap the outline will move to the closest point automatically. But the lines will not parallel anymore. Is it the same in illustrator? Do you mean that we can actually ignore the tiny “mistake”?

In the very most cases in type design, the grid-rounding error is so small that it is only visible if you zoom so far that you cannot read the letter anymore. So, for most designers it is acceptable. But your design may have to fulfil different purposes, I don’t know. You need to decide if you need more precision.

If you do need higher precision, increase the File > Font Info > Other Settings > Subdivision value, perhaps 2 is already enough, or consider 5 or 10.

Cons: the higher precision only works in CFF outlines (no TTFs), and some software is incompatible with the higher precision: old printer drivers and PDFs made in QuarkXPress may show a small hook in the outline where the starting point is. Also, due to the higher precision, editing may become more challenging.

Other option is to use a higher UPM in Font Info > Font: perhaps 2000 instead of 1000. With the small dialog there, you can scale the whole font.

Thanks for your replay!
I am agree with you that the small grid-rounding error is not important in most of cases.
Thanks again.

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