[Solved] [Bug] Glyphs Mini: H is used twice in app

EDIT: Read second post, it’s the letter H the one used twice.

Glyphs Mini 2.1.4 (102)

The command to access the Pixel tool is also used to Show Background, so it can’t be accessed:

from the tutorial:

Also, as feature request: Single-key access to pixel tool, thanks!

so, the app uses different shortcuts from what is said in the Tutorial:
H for Pixel Tool, a single key! :smiley:
…but H is also used for Hand tool :worried:

so, same thing, there’s no available shortcut command to activate Pixel Tool :upside_down_face:


Seems o be a bug, thanks for reporting!
Workaround: Shift-H
Pixel Tool should be B or Shift-B (and it actually works to switch back).

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Any suggestions for a better key for the pixel tool? Could be ‘x’ but that might be to close to the command key?

I’ll change it to x for now.

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‘X’ is fine, thanks a lot

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