[Solved] White overlaps and LetterInk components

Hi, any tips on how to avoid white overlap when using components made using LetterInk??

Example with exaggerated overlap:

left: as I’d like it to work, just overlapping components
middel: Decomposed components showing white overlap as well
right: joined decomposed components. No white overlap.

Using Glyphs stable and beta as well.

revised nodes be counter-clockwise, and correct path direction.
EDIT: Also checked components were not flipped or rotated, and tried making the bottom-left node first.

Have you tried to change the path direction of the component’s skeleton?

It should always produce a counter clockwise path.

thanks, am I doing something wrong?
in the b in the right, the upper part of the b elbow is clock-wise, then it renders (and exports) as intended:

if I set counter-clockwise, then I get other glyphs with the white overlap as well.

Make sure they all have the same orientation.

ok, after doing more tests and mekkablue’s tip :+1: about the orientation, this solved it:

PreFilter: LayerGeek; decomposeComponents;correctPathDirection;
PreFilter: RemoveOverlap

tried correcting the path directions of every component, but I still got the white overlap.

Letterink’s outline path always starts at the lighter nib handle and follows the direction of the skeleton curve. There is some fine tuning for special cases but your glyph seems to be free of them.

For example, on the following drawing, the outline starts bottom right and follows the red arrows.


In case you would like to investigate the outline directions, you can ask Letterink to make outlines using one of the options in the following image and investigate the outlines. After you’re done with your investigation, you can use Glyph’s Edit - Undo menu action and reenable Stroke to On in Letterink.

PS: It might be wise to back up your glyphs file before making outlines so you can recover if something bad happen as the Make outlines is one-way by design (there is no way how to go from outlines back to a skeleton except the Edit - Undo).


Open curves do not really have an orientation. What counts is the direction of the outline generated by letterink.

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@MartinCetkovsky hey, thanks for chiming in, great plugin! just started using it and getting the hang of it, funnest plugin :smiley: