Some components don't align

To create guilsinglright I add guilsinglleft component and flip it. But it does not inherit sidebearings as it is with any letter components.
It behaves like I’d add a mark component.
Why is this?

The automatic alignment only works with letters. For all other categories there where too many issues. Use metrics keys to synchronize the side bearings.

ok. thanks.

BTW: I added and and auto feature generator doesn’t put them into smcp and c2sc features. While and are properly added.

Version 1.3.18

This works for me. I fixed the name of the guillemets. The where called guillemotleft and guillemotright (notice the "o"). Maybe you have not updated the names of the base glyph?

Something is not right.
When I add glyphs with this: guillemotleft=, new glyph is called . Glyph is empty and I can’t change its name.

And, what is strange, new mark is added: shaddaKasratan with Missing Base Glyph box in it.

When I added guillemetleft by typing its unicode, the correct name was generated and everything works.

Generating guillemets by right-click on Missing Glyphs list creates old-named glyphs.

When guillemetleft is composed with two guilsinglleft, is generated without any components.

Fixed that.