Some glyphs appear in Font Book but not Photoshop

I’m not a font designer and I’m new to Glyphs, so this question may (hopefully) have a simple answer.

I’m building a font using vector letterforms provided by a client that were created in Illustrator. I’ve exported several interations successfully, but I’m having trouble getting single and double quotes to display in my Adobe programs. The period and comma look fine, but the quotes aren’t showing. The interesting thing is that these “upper” punctuation marks do show up in the Font Book preview window.

I’ve given each exported font iteration a unique name, but just to be safe I’ve also cleared the font cache using the terminal command provided on the Glyphs site.


Did you add extreme points to all glyphs?
can you post a screenshot of the glyphs as they look in Glyphs?

Read these:

Did you restart afterwards?

@mekkablue: Yes, I restarted. Thanks for the links, I’ll take a look.

@Georg Seifert:

I’m not sure what extreme points are, but the glyph for the quotes is same glyph used fror the comma, which displays just fine. Puzzling.

You can see a screenshot of the glyph as positioned for single quote here.


Please read this: