Some glyphs doesn't work in different environments

I’m having troubles with some of my glyphs. The following works in some environments and doesn’t work in others:

¨ (dieresis - 00A8)
’ (quotesingle - 0027)
´ (acute - 00B4)
É (Eacute - 00C9)
é (eacute - 00E9)
Á (Aacute - 00C1)
á (aacute - 00E1)
Ü (Udieresis - 00DC)
ü (udieresis - 00FC)

What’s bothering me is that some of them only work on my mac running 10.8.3, while some only work on my co-workers computers including macs and pc’s. There’s no logic. And they all work perfectly in Photoshop and Illustrator but not as well in textedit or Pages.

Any clues? If anyone’s interested in having a look I’ve uploaded the font file for review at

Font cache problem or font conflict. Either export it with a new family name or try this:

Thanks alot! So I read your suggested post, and the Testing in Adobe apps post. But can I really rely on the Adobe apps, that it will work in Pages or Word if it works in Illustrator?

So I’ve done these steps now:

  • Delete the font from the library
  • Font Cache cleaning + reboot
  • Export font from Glyphs with new unique name
  • Exported it to the Adobe fonts-folder.

Works perfectly in Adobe apps, but in TextEdit and Pages there’s still problems, and the problems are different for each app.

In TextEdit it’s the ´ (acute - 00B4) and ¨ (dieresis - 00A8) that doesn’t work. In pages it’s the ’ (quotesingle - 0027) that doesn’t work.

However, in TextEdit, if I select all text and change the font to something else and then back to my font it works! So maybe there’s something going on in creating some of the symbols.

But why the heck are the problems different in different apps?

If you exported into the Adobe fonts folder, it should not be available in Textedit or Pages.
Can you send us the .glyphs and the .otf file to have a look?

That’s right, I also installed it to the font book so I could try it in Pages and Texedit.

I uploaded them to Just right-click and so on.

Thanks alot!

I can reproduce the problem but have to look into this later.

Great! I’m very greatful!

Is there any chance you can look into it in the next 24 hours?
I don’t want to be rude or pushy and if you can’t I will sit back and wait. Although it would be great… :slight_smile:

Contact me at mekka at my username dot com, if you have time later this afternoon, half-past-fourish. If you’re reachable via one or another messaging network, that could speed up things.

It seems like the OS X text renderer expects a few glyphs to be present in your font. Quickest way to solve this is to add all MacRoman glyphs. No need to draw them all, they just need to be there, even if they are empty. In the sidebar of the Font tab, just right-click on the “Mac Roman” filter, select all missing glyphs and click on the Generate button, then export again.

And remember to always change your family name when you export for testing in Font Book.