Some Letters didn't work

Hi, Why i can’t type yeh-ar.init, yeh-ar.medi in my text preview?
i’m already add them to my font

What do you mean by “can’t type”?

Hi George, the letters doesn’t appear when i type them.

Do you also have a yeh-ar (without dot suffix)?

no, i haven’t32%20PM

Can you add it? You need a default (unsuffixed) glyph. The key stroke produces its Unicode. If you don’t have that glyph, typing will not work.

ok, i’ll add unsuffixed and get back to you

give me you mail Rainer, i can’t handle this issue.

Did you make sure the yeh-ar has the proper UNICODE value (seen bottom right in the .medi and .init images)

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thanks Dave, Problem Solved