Some other bugs with corner components

I’ve been fiddling around with corner components again and I found 3 other bugs. I’ve recorded a screencast to show them, but I’ll do my best to explain them below:

The first bug on the video has to do with linked metrics. If I change a starting point, the corner components are displayed on the wrong nodes until I refresh the view by clicking or zooming. After I click anywhere, they go back to the correct ones. However, the sidebearings remain incorrect. I can recalculate them by moving the paths around, but until then the linked metrics on other glyphs show as incorrect as well and will pick up the wrong values. This bug is also present on 2.2.2.

Secondly, there is always one particular node which I can’t make the first one of the path. This node is the lowest and leftmost (the same one which Correct Path Direction would mark as first). However, if I break the path on that node with the pen tool, it will actually break the “other first node” that is shown. This bug doesn’t happen in 2.2.2.

Last but not least (nor shown on the video), undo is broken when dealing with corner components. I tried to Cmd-Z the step above but it didn’t work, only flipped the corner component. Cmd-Z works in 2.2.2.

Glyphs 2.3b (877)
OS X 10.11.4

On a second look, this doesn’t have anything to do with corner components. If I draw a rectangle on a new file, I can’t make the said node first. Apparently this bug was introduced in 877.

Same here.
And Cmd+Shift+R doesn’t work‽