Some suggestions for the glyph window / drawing process

Some suggestions based on personal preference …

In a glyph window, the backspace key deletes the selected nodes and leaves the unselected nodes as a closed shape. Cmd+x does the same.
To me it seems more logical (and convenient) for Cmd+x to erase the selected part of the glyph and OPEN the shape on the selected nodes.
[As far as I remember that’s the way FontLab handles it]

When dragging single nodes or paths around I sometimes miss a crosshair. Would it be possible to include it, be it by default or by hitting a certain key while dragging?
Also, in the grey info box beneath the glyph in a glyph window, there’s the x and y value of a node while I’m dragging it around. To me, an additional ‘actual distance’ info would be handy.

While hitting Ctrl+alt+cmd activates the ruler tool and additionally hitting the shift-key aligns the ruler horizontally or vertically, there doesn’t seem to be a way to align it to a 45° angle. Would it make sense to add this (or am I the only one to use it)?

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try opt+backspace

I’m not sure about the cross hair. I will think about it.
For the distance: Because you never really know how far you drag something, I usually use the keyboard to move points. That way I always know how far I moved stuff and can easily reproduce it.

I never found a place where I would need a 45° snap. Can you give me a convincing example?

  1. Not necessarily 45 degrees, you’re right about that, but a user-definable list of default angles would indeed make sense, as a part of font info, possibly in the masters. Because the same two of three angles do reappear in a font very often, e.g. upstroke or the angle at which an arc goes into a stem etc.
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Now that I think about it, being able to constrain the ruler to italic angle+90° could be handy.

The italic angle as snapping angle sounds useful.

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Can anyone give me a good example of a situation where a user defined angle really helps?

Would the angle of a trailing stroke in a connecting script be an example?

Sorry for the late reply.

(1) does the trick, thanks.

(2) For moving points by keyboard: When moving curve points ‘by hand’ I’m able to adjust the handles of surrounding nodes proportionally by hitting ctrl+cmd. As far as I know there is no way of doing this when moving them by keyboard.
The crosshairs proved to be of value to me but I’d appreciate to hear opinions from other users on this.

(3) I used the 45° angle a lot when drawing some rather strict geometrical shapes. And I think people coming from Illustrator / FontLab would appreciate it.
Of course, a user-definable list of default angles would be superior to this.

Anstriche and Abstriche (instrokes and outstrokes? not sure about the English terms now) in an italic. Had a situation where they were all 17° IIRC. Guidelines also helped, and the measurement angle (ctrl-opt-cmd), no question, but I would have loved to constrain angles to 17° then