Some thoughts on the path tool

Whenever you draw a path and make a mistake, you hit cmd-z. So far so good, but now is where a (at least for me) rather unusual behaviour joins the game: You will probably set a new point as the next one of your recently drawn path, asuming that the undo brought you just right the status where you were before.

But it doesn’t.

You have to »tell« Glyphs to reconnect your path to the former point (by clicking on it). Otherwise it will start a new path.

Wouldn’t it be more logical, intuitive and effortless to just let the drawing tool be connected with the lastly drawn point, as if you never made and undo the mistake?

It seems to be new, that cmd-A now selects everything except what is already selected. This feels also a bit unintuitive, since i want the tool to »select all«.

Meaning if you really want to select everything, you always have to unselect everything before. One more click. That can really add up.

I find this reversed selection still a useful feature, but i think it should not behave like this on default?

–> Or what do others think?

? Cmd-A selects all for me, even if some things are already selected.

that’ weird. i just checkted on my machines.

imac: glyphs 1.3.6 - works like you write, eliasson
macbook: glyphs 1.3.5 - works like i wrote above

(same os 10.6.8 on both, and no updates available (only if i check the special pre-updates, that are more beta style))

I really agree with point 1). It would be more logical.