Some variant glyphs don’t get the info of their base form

I have a glyph smallerthanorequalto.uv001 and it gets grouped under Other and its info is all empty, even though smallerthanorequalto has production name, category and subCategory. I don’t have custom GlyphData entries for either of the two glyphs, but I removed my GlyphData.xml file just in case and it made no difference.

It seem that smallerthanorequalto is not the name in Glyphs’ GlyphData.xml, but rather erthanorequalto (seems to be a typo) which is probably the variant is not recognized.

Other than fixing the typo, shouldn’t suffixed glyphs always inherit the info from the unsuffixed one, or does this work only for glyphs in GlyphData.xml?

The info is only retrieved from GlyphData, not from actual glyphs in the file. But it is a good idea.

I fixed the typo.