Something went wrong inside python code

I’ve an issue after updates G3 version 3.2 (3236)

I’m using MacBook Pro M1 & MacOS Ventura 13.5.2

Something went wrong inside python code

*** -[__NSArray0 objectAtIndex:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty array

What should I do now?

Did this simply appear without you doing anything? Did you try to use a plugin?

Yeah, the pop up appears after the updates.
Yes, I did. I use some plugin

Ok, fascinating.

Could you maybe tell us what plugin that was?

I also use script from Mark2Mark & mekkablue

First open Glyphs holding down Option+Shift. This will start Glyphs without Plugins. If you don’t get the error then it is possibly one of the plugins. Now have a look in ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Glyphs 3/Plugins and Repositories. Empty them completely and reopen Glyphs normally. The reinstall say, five plugins at a time and reopen Glyphs. If you encounter the bug again you know where to look.

Also make sure you are using Glyphs own internal Python installation.

What I recommend:

Duplicate the Plugins folder that Claus pointed to (you can easily navigate there by going to Script > Open Scripts Folder in Glyphs). You will then have a “Plugins copy” folder. Delete all plugins in the “Plugins” folder and slowly copy over plugins from the “Plugins copy” folder one by one, restarting Glyphs ever time. When Glyphs crashes after you copied over a specific plugin, you know that’s the one causing problems.

Solved, Thank you so much, Mate!

Slightly quicker way is what they call the binary method. Copy back two at a time, one from the top of the list and one from the bottom of the list, then test each one of those when a crash happens.

Which one was it?

The binary method would be doing it in halves. Move half of the plugins out of the Plugins folder. If that does not fix things, move out half of the remaining plugins. Repeat until the issue is fixed. Then you know that plugin causing the issue is in the last group of plugins you moved.

Move the plugins from that last group back into the Plugins folder until the issue reappears. Then you have found the problem. Or use the binary method in reverse instead of moveing the last group one by one.

I had the same problem (in 3240).
It seems to have been Show Smooth Node Angle and Proportion or MATHPlugin for me.

Could you try removing just one of those two plugins? Then you should know precisely which one it was and we can help the plugin makers to find and fix the issue.

Show Smooth Node Angle is causing the problems. But not right at the start, but only when I do some things … I didn’t manage to reproduce it consistently, so I don’t know exactly what it is.

Can you post the error you get?

I had the same problem and since i have uninstalled the Show Smooth Node Angle and Proportion plugin, the message no longer appears. Is there a better solution than uninstalling it?

I get the exact same message as Nugi Maulana Nurzahid. And I can’t stop it or do anything – I can only force quit the app.

And is there something in the Macro window?

I can’t get the macro window to the front, because the error is popping up constantly … As soon as I click the error away there is another one popping up. :confused:

There seems to be a problem with a plugin or the python runtime.

First, start Glyphs while holding down the Option and Shift key. That should make Glyphs start, but doesn’t solve the problem.

Then you need to find out what plugin is causing this. First I would re-install the Glyphs Python Module in Window > Plugin Manager > Modules. That takes a bit of time. Wait a minute after in is finished installing before you restart Glyphs.

If it still crashes, you need manually open the plugin folder and remove a plugin, restart Glyphs until it doesn’t crash any more. And the last plugin you have removed is causing the issue.