Sort / reorder OpenType features

It’s possible to manually sort the OpenType features, but if you auto-update all (using the arrow button next to ‘compile’) it changes the order back to the standard.

Is there a logic behind this order? I’m working on a new called Jeckyll Pro font with some complex OT features that require a certain order to be activated.
In Fontlab I have all the features ordered in the right way so you could activate features ‘on top of each other’ to enhance the experience.
Is this even possible in Glyphs? In my specimen Indesign test file it does not seem to work like it worked with Fontlab. Or are ‘stacked OT features’ impossible?

If you generate features, it also reorders them as the auto-features depend on a certain order. If you write your own code that relies on a different feature order, you should not click the update button. You can however click on the arrow next to the feature name to update single features.

Is this certain order something from Glyphs, or is it OT in general? I’d like to read a bit more about this.
I’ve found the way to reorder them, I just don’t want to mess up a good working system if I don’t need to. :wink:

You can order them in almost any way you want (language defs and aalt must be at the beginning), just be aware that it influences how your features work.

That’s fantastic. I was just wondering if there is a logic behind the order, since you hardcoded it in Glyphs.
I’m designing my font Jeckyll Pro with a specific order in mind, so that you can ‘stack’ the OT features on top of each other. So pray with me that I don’t by accident touch the update button. :wink:

Make a screenshot :slight_smile:

Or try this:
In the OpenType subfolder, I added a script called Refresh without Reordering that does exactly what you need.

The logic is that the order we implemented makes sense in most cases. We are happy for suggestions if you think that a majority of users could profit from it.