Sorting Instances/Styles (in Adobe) by 1) Optical Size, 2) Width, 3) Weight (or is there a more logical order?)

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble exporting my font styles in a manner so they would show up in Adobe in the following order: 1) Optical Size, 2) Width, 3) Weight, 4) Italic

This is what it looks like now:


And I would want to be like:

  1. Caption Regular
  2. Caption Regular Italic
  3. Text Regular
  4. Text Regular Italic
  5. Text Medium
  6. Text Medium Italic
  7. Text Bold
  8. Text Bold Italic
  9. Text Regular Extended
  10. Text Regular Extended Italic
  11. Headline Light Extended
  12. Headline Light Extended Italic
  13. Headline Regular Extended
  14. Headline Regular Extended Italic
  15. Headline Bold Extended
  16. Headline Bold Extended Italic
  17. Display Thin Expanded
  18. Display Thin Expanded Italic

Or would anyone suggest a different ordering structure? If so, why?

I read the Naming Tutorial and unsuccessfully tried playing around with the “WWSFamilyName” and “WWSSubfamilyName” custom parameters, but cannot wrap my head around how these work.

I’m really curious if there’s a solution to my problem.
Thank you!

Two years later, same problem over here. Is there a solution by using custom parameters? “WWSFamilyName” and “WWSSubfamilyName” do not work in this case.

Inside an Adobe style menu, the order is determined by width class, weight class, slope and alphabet. That’s it, deal with it.

You can split in several families with the typographic (preferred) names. The WWS names are meant for Windows/Office only, and will not make a difference in Adobe apps. See the tutorial.

Hi quick question about this. Would all hell break loose if I were to use the Font Info > Export width class settings solely for the purpose of sorting axes together?

The width of the entire typeface is medium (normal) but if I were to set the optical size axis as Semi Expanded, would it cause a million problems? Or are the settings here relatively isolated? Would it even work without a width axis?

You may get the desired effect in the current version of Adobe apps. But you are putting incorrect info in your font, and that may cause problems whenever a software relies on this info.

It is for static fonts only, I assume?

Yes, I was thinking it would only be for the static fonts, but I just tested the variable font and that’s no longer sorting by axis either (which at least I think it used to do?).

Variable font instances are sorted by axis values, in the order of the respective axes. What is your experience?

It’s sorting only by weight in both variable and static fonts. Would you be open to taking a look at my file to see if my settings are correct?
Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 6.17.31 PM

Your screenshot indicates it is first sorting by weight and then by reverse or not. I assume wght is your first axis?