Sorting small caps

My winds up between and rather than in its proper alphabetical place. (Update Glyph Info does not fix it.)

Cannot reproduce this. Can you send us the file?


Temporarily renaming the glyph fixed it for me.
Do you have a custom Glyphinfo XML?

No, haven’t messed with that.
If it helps, that glyph in both files was originally generated by RMX Scaler (which is pretty buggy).
Renaming the glyph to something else, and then back to moved it to the right place. But then Update Glyph Info moved it back to between and!
I looked at GlyphData.xml in a text editor and saw this:
glyph unicode="" name=“” sortName=“sc.i” category=“Letter” subCategory=“Smallcaps” script=“latin” description="LATIN SMALLCAPITAL LETTER I WITH DOT"
I note that no other *.sc letters are defined in the .xml file except this one and LATIN SMALLCAPITAL LETTER I WITH DOT, so maybe the root of the problem lies there.

I looked into this. This is a problem with the sorting algorithm and the glyph data definition plays a role in it. I will fix it. The has a similar problem.