Source Sans UFO files output invalid OTFs

I have tried to output OTF files based on Adobe’s supplied Source Sans UFO files and can’t get a valid OTF output.

I have also tried to export the FontLab File to glyphs using the export script and it’s not working for me - this is probably to do with my FontLab setup though.

Any advice on this one? Are large UFOs more likely to cause issues

I just tried and it worked for me. The .ufos don’t contain most of the feature information but the exported font seems to be fine.

Do you get a specific error message?

I don’t get an error, I get this:

You’re right though - the UFOs seem to be missing quite a lot of info. Maybe I should go back to trying to get the Glyphs export script working.



can you send me the .otf files? And the content of the Temp folder for that font?