Space button does not work when using caps lock

There is no input from the space button when using caps lock in Text mode. (2.5b build 1126 on Sierra 10.12.6.)
None of the other programs I’ve checked have this issue, so it seems to me this is a Glyphs bug. Unless I have misunderstood something.

WORKS FOR ME (sorry, caps lock was still on ;).
What keyboard layout do you have?


I use Norwegian Extended. But just now I changed to Norwegian Standard, and then it works. But I still don’t understand why this is the case only in Glyphs.

When you press space with the Norwegian Extended keyboard layout with caps locked, you actually type a nonbreaking space. You mot likely don’t have that in the font and so Glyphs doesn’t show anything. If you type anywhere else, the system provides a nonbreaking space even if the current font doesn’t have it.

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Thank you very much! This makes perfect sense. Sorry I insinuated it was Glyph’s fault, and thank you a lot for doing the troubleshooting.