"Space" glyph issue

Perhaps this is normal, but I’ve never noticed this kind of behaviour before and wondering if there is a way to solve the issue.
I’m creating a some sort of “inverted” font. In other words, all glyphs are placed on a background so the “space” character looks pretty much as a black square.
When I type some text in Illustrator everything looks fine. But when I create outlines the “space” character disappears.
Here is how it looks

Is it me (again), Illustrator, Glyphs or something else?
Any advice is very much appreciated as I’m totally stuck with this :sob:

This is how the layout engine treats Space characters. Spaces are something special in many engines.

Thank you, Rainer, that is exactly what i was afraid of…
Is there any “official” way to override this?

You can experiment a lot (replace the space with another glyph, use the non-breaking space, etc.) and eventually make it work in one layout engine, but it will likely not work in others.

But if that is a viable solution for you depends on the project and the client. I would not dare fiddling with the space if it is a font for retail.

In a similar project, I once used the underscore as a surrogate for the space. But that was possible because it was for a very specific purpose and I knew who the user was.

Thank you, Rainer!
It is for retail so I’ll probably use your hack with the underscore and/or the non-breaking space. I’ve already created a substitute in liga replacing space with space.alt and this works fine.

Test the space substitution at least also in InDesign, with both composers.

Will do, thank you!