Spacebar handtool / quick fill


I’m new to Glyphs, and really enthusiastic about it so far.

Only thing that keeps annoying me is the double functionality of the spacebar. Sometimes I just want to stay in outline mode while dragging with the hand tool.

I’ve seen this issue being mentioned before on the forum, but it isn’t clear to me if there is a way to assign the Quick fill feature to another key.


If you are using a trackpad, you can also use a two-finger scroll gesture. Or the scroll wheel (or scroll gesture) of your mouse. Add Shift to scroll horizontally. This does not preview.

Thanks, hope this behaviour will eventually change in an update.

I hope not, because I (and I suppose many other users) use it for quickly previewing a rendering of the glyph. And since what you want (scrolling without changing the display mode) is already possible with the current functionality, and you did not give a reason why it has to be disabled for everyone, I do not see why it should change.

Hi, I’m not suggesting that it should be disabled for everyone.
I’m saying that for users like me (and I reckon there’s quite a few others) who want to use the spacebar for handtool navigating without also enabling the Quick fill, it would be nice to be able to assign the Quick fill to another key.


What key do you have in mind?

The tilde key would be ideal for that. I believe that is not assigned already to something else?