Spaces – Thin space – Espace fine

I wish I could regulate the space of the thin space (espace fine in french)
Do you know what the corresponding glyph is?
And / or unicode

Thanks in advance


There are several space characters. Try the Glyph Info window and search for ‘space’.

I have these

As far as I know, U+202F is used in French since it’s narrow and does not break at the end of a line. You can also select all space glyphs and choose GlypheMettre à jour les Informations de glyphe to change the glyph names to be more readable (e.g., narrownbspace (narrow non-breaking space) instead of uni202F).

Thanks for the 202

GlypheMettre à jour les Informations de glyphe
I try this one > doesn’t work

You have probably “Keep custom glyph names” set in Font Info > Other.

Ah yes! Thank you !!!
(espace fine = thin space)

Thank you all!