Spacing bug when printing

I encountered the following problem several times now and thought it would be time to report it as a bug:
When trying to print some typed letteres, sometimes the spacing changes weirdly. Sometimes the spacing becomes far too wide, sometimes too narrow. This only occurs when I change the font size in the print dialogue window - I think that the weird spacing corresponds to the font size previously selected (e.g. going from 14 to 24 results in narrow spacing).

Another thing that has happened to me a few times (although I cannot reproduce this) is that hitting cmd+p results in printing the whole glyphs window and not just the text.

Closing and reopening the printer dialogue always fixes these problems - so I wouldn’t say it is urgent, but I thought I’d share them here anyway. Oh and btw this is not just a printer-preview problem - it DOES get printed out the way you see on the screenshots:

With kind regards, Christine

PS: I’m working with Version 1.4.3 (584)
PPS: Feature request - it would be REALLY nice if you could rotate images :slight_smile:

Is is also messed up if you save to PDF?
And what Mac OS do you have?

For whatever reason I can’t reproduce this on my machines.

Thank you, we have had other reports about this phenomenon as well. In the meantime, for a better printing experience, you can also try printing from InDesign, given you are using the Adobe Fonts folder:

So far, I could reproduce it only with small font sizes, e.g., changing from 12 to 14.

Your report actually brought us one the right track. One detail nobody mentioned, was that it only happened when switching between small sizes (<18pt). So switching from 14pt to 100pt and then to 18pt should produce correct spacing but switching form 14pt to 18 directly would cause problems.

Fixed it.

(Finally! Yay!)

Sorry it took me so long to reply - great that you were able to fix the bug in the meantime! :slight_smile: Yay!

Just in case: I am running on os x 10.9.2. And yes the problem also occurred when saving a pdf from the printing dialogue.

Thanks for your quick help. Greetings, Christine