Spacing issues in Photoshop

Hello friends,

I am creating a geometric font with a frame. Spacing is perfect on Glyphs, Illustrator and InDesign. But in Photoshop, I have small spacing issues between certain letters, even is the dimensions of the letters are all perfect. No differences. Is it a bug from PS ? Should I overlap that frame between letters? Do I need to activate something regarding to kerning or spacing?

Here is a screenshot of the problem:

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It seems to be a problem regarding with size and maybe pixels. When at 60pt, there is the issue but it disappears at 72.

  1. Do you have hinting in the font? Disable it.
  2. Consider small overlaps (10-20 units deep) at the connections, like in Arabic fonts.

And in the end, the rendering is figured out by the rasterizer, some of the issues will only go away once you turn the font into outlines.