Spacing of combined components

Hello everyone,
quick question: Is there a way to change the spacing of combined components without separating them?

I don’t really want to separate them but the automated spacing is a nightmare when it comes to Kerning.

As always thanks a lot!

Why do you want to change the sidebearings? You should be using kerning exceptions. You can disable automatic alignment of dotlessi (the diacritic will follow) but that’s not the recommended solution here.

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What Toshi said. What you want to do sounds like a job for kerning, not spacing.

However, you can add extra spacing by adding incremental metric keys. But there are only a handful of composites where this actually makes sense:

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 00.13.31

Type =+10 to add 10 units to the calculated sidebearing, =-10 to subtract 10 units.

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