Spacing too wide in MS Office

Continuing the discussion from No kerning in Office:

Continuing the discussion from No kerning in Office:

A family I’m working on prints/displays with lots of extra letterspacing in Word, even though it works fine in Adobe apps. Anyone else run across this? Exporting as OTF in Glyphs 2.2.1, running OS 10.10.4. Thanks!

Didn’t see something like this. What version of Office?

Could be a cache issue.
Windows or Mac office? What version of the OS? TTF or OTF?

Your font probably has a UPM above 1024? Since Yosemite these fonts do give this behaviour in text processing apps. It’s an Apple problem. I don’t know if it is solved yet.

There are an awful lot of TrueType fonts out there at 2048.

This was solved quite quickly.

Thanks, everyone. Sorry for delay; I was at a conference.

I’m running Word 2011 for Mac, v.14.3.9.

And, yes, the UPM is 2400.

2400 or 2048?

Any insight into this, Rainer?



Sorry, you will need to do testing (change the family name every time you export in order to avoid cache problems, and keep notes on what you changed), I do not have Word for Mac on my machine. I can only assume the unorthodox UPM is a problem, and perhaps the outline format (PS vs. TT).

Could also be a bug in the combo of Word version + OS X version. Perhaps it works fine in the latest versions?

Max, I can test it for you using OS X 10.11.2, Word 16. Email the font if you want me to do that.

Thanks very much, George. And thanks for the advice, Rainer. I’ll let you know what we find.

What did you find, Max? :slight_smile: