Special layer’s italicAngle is not interpolated

It seems like the italicAngle of special layers is not interpolated, it just uses the associated master’s italicAngle. Seems like a bug, 3.2 (3257)

Can you be more specific? What angle of what special layers. And where?

I mean intermediate brace layers. Here’s a test file. See how intermediate layers {10} in the glyph /n just use their master’s italicAngle (either from how the metrics box is drawn or layer.italicAngle).

Semi Italic Layer.glyphs (11.6 KB)

Seems like that’s only a problem when the intermediate layer is set 50% between the masters (in this case 10 between 0 and 20). If you set the axis value to anything other than 50%, it works as expected. Tried 15 between 0 and 30, same thing. Weird

Thanks for reporting this and for the test file. I fixed it.

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