Special Paste Pasting into Wrong Glyphs

Version 2.4RC (934)

If there are different number of glyphs selected to copy and paste from the first to the 2nd it puts the source into the wrong target glyphs…

Or am I misunderstanding how Selected Glyphs work?


While trying this out I found another issue:

When special pasting into selected glyphs [e.g. /A, /B and /C]] (with all data) and then pasting into another file’s selected glyphs [e.g. /F, /H and /K] the data from A, B and C are pasted properly, but when undoing this on the selected Glyphs, the data gets removed. So far all good. But the glyphs are renamed to /A, /B and /C now, which makes the file have duplicates of /A, /B and /C. That can lead to Errors I guess.

Wait is this how its supposed to work, you select [A, B, C] and copy, then paste special into another file where [F H K] is selected and [F H K] will be replaced with [A B C]'s data?

Except for the renaming of the glyphs, of course. We are investigating the issue.

This is how it is supposed to work. What you like to do is to select the other option: “Glyphs with same name” or make sure that the number and range of selected glyphs in the source and target font are the same.

Depending on the setting. If you select “Selected Glyphs”, then [F H K] are replaced, for “Glyphs with same name”, [A B C] are replaced.