Speed Punk in 2.5

The Plugin SpeedPunk.glyphsTool has caused a crash. Please update it by opening the Plugin Manager or re-downloading it from the original source.

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins/SpeedPunk.glyphsTool/Contents/Resources/SpeedPunk.py", line 69, in drawBackgroundForLayer_

  File "~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins/SpeedPunk.glyphsTool/Contents/Resources/speedpunk/speedpunklib.py", line 224, in UpdateGlyph

  File "~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins/SpeedPunk.glyphsTool/Contents/Resources/speedpunk/speedpunklib.py", line 139, in gatherSegments
    pv = s[3].pointValue()

  File "/_WORKPLACE/_LAB/_GitHub/SimonCozens/SimonCozens/TunniLines.glyphsReporter/Contents/Resources/glyphmonkey.py", line 39, in __getitem__
    return NSValue.valueWithPoint_(self._seg[Key].position)

IndexError: tuple index out of range

App:2.5-1131 Plugin:1.01-1.01

Got this error after trying to use the tool in the latest 2.5

Cannot reproduce. Perhaps try to reinstall both the app and the plug-in.

It was something with Simon’s Tunni Lines plugin.
Got rid of that and the problem’s gone.

I have this problem also. I have uninstalled all other plugins and tunni, but speedpunk is not accessable anymore in 2.5.1 It is like speedpunk it does not install at all. No results in search even.

Did you update SpeedPunk too? It is now a view menu plugin, not a tool anymore. Cmd shift x to trigger it.

Thanks, I updated the plugin also now. Sorted