Speed punk plugin is not working

Hello. I have Glyphs Version 2.5.1 (1141) and the Speed punk plugin is not working. I could install it from the plugin manager but then when i use Glyphs is not showing the icon in the top bar / even if i Clicked show Speedpunk. Does anyone have idea what I could do? :slight_smile:

It is in the View menu.

Hello mekkablue. even if I press in the view menu is not working. do you have other suggestions?

Are you sure you installed the latest version?
It should be in View > Show Speedpunk (Cmd-Shift-X).

If it is not there, is there an error message in Window > Macro Panel?

I have a similar problem :confused: Speed punk works, but I can not see not the toolbar icon, neither the window with adjustments. Any suggestions?
Macro window message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/yanone/Code/py/git/SpeedPunk30DayTrial/Speed Punk 30-day Trial.glyphsReporter/Contents/Resources/speedpunk/speedpunklib.py”, line 659, in init
File “/Users/yanone/Code/py/git/SpeedPunk30DayTrial/Speed Punk 30-day Trial.glyphsReporter/Contents/Resources/speedpunk/speedpunklib.py”, line 194, in solveCubicBezierCurvature
ZeroDivisionError: float division by zero

Hi Barbara,

Speed Punk’s latest version doesn’t have an icon or a tool window window anymore, in line with Glyph.app’s recommendations for user interfaces.
The tool is activated via the View menu or via the Cmd+Shift+X shortcut, and the tool window moved into the Context Menu of the Edit View, in other words the right-click-menu, and shows only when Speed Punk is activated.

As for the error message you’ve posted: Could you maybe mail me a test file where this problem occurs( to post at yanone dot de)? Because I can’t reproduce the error here on my side. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Oh, that’s embarrassing :wink: If I may suggest adding a screenshot with contextual menu at your website, maybe some other beginners could avoid confusion.
About the test file: sure, I’m mailing it right away.

Hi Barbara.

Thanks for your test file.
I found that the error message was printed there by decision, not by mistake. Meaning that at this point in the code I was anticipating a possible error because of a “division by zero” situation, was catching it, and printing it out.
I now simply changed my code that it won’t print the error message, and I would kindly ask you to simply ignore it. Speed Punk is working as it should. I will push out this change with a future update, but not now, because it’s not necessary.

And about the icon etc: I’ll try to think of ways to improve the documentation.
Good luck!