Split node script anyone?

Does anyone maybe have a script to split a node ? Like for example a curve point into two cornerpoints.

Just so that we are on the same page, can you share a screenshot of what you intend, before and after?

In FL there used to be a command to “divide” or split nodes into two.

First pic: status quo
Second: “split node”
Third: Goal. That is, I want to add a line in between. (in this sample).47

node = Layer.selection[0]
print node
if isinstance(node, GSNode):	
	if node.type == LINE or node.type == CURVE:
		node.smooth = False
		newNode = node.copy()
		newNode.type = LINE
		path = node.parent
		path.nodes.insert(node.index + 1, newNode)
	print "select one node"

Cool ! Thanks @GeorgSeifert