.ss01 dissapears of feature list


I’ve noticed, when I open my Glyphs file that my .ss01 is not there and I’ve got to refresh the features each time. It’s the only one feature affected.

Also, I saw something similar with some linked metrics, but this doesn’t happen always and maybe it’s only that I’m tired.

I’m not sure if it is because the file or the update but this happens since the last update.


You mean the ss01 feature does not show up in File > Font Info > Features? Did you save the file after a feature update?

Yes, that is.

Yes, I did it and it happens every time.

I tried a thing and works, .ss01 feature does not disappear if I uncheck “Generate Feature Automatically”.

Can you send me the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), please. I will have a look.

Sure, thanks

Thank you for sending the file. I can reproduce the problem. The feature is stored in the file when you save it, but Glyphs does not display it, neither in the Features popup menu in Edit view, nor in the feature list in Font Info. So, this looks like a bug. We are investigating the issue.

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I had the same problem with SS02 and SMCP in the latest release of Cormorant. Very annoying! The features were then also missing in the exported fonts.

When I refreshed the feature list, the missing features were added back, but out of their natural order (at the very end of the feature list).

Same here. Some features are not showing in the feature list (Glyphs version 1122).

Edit: They are also not in the features.fea in the temp folder, neither the features nor the feature classes.

Can you send me the file?


In Ludwigs case, the first instance had a “Remove Feature” parameter. And that instance was used to generate the temporary font for the OpenType preview.