Stable crash with opening .glyphs file

.glyphs saved from 3032 crashes 3037 on opening, preview also fails.

looks to be related to features (decompiled in case of this font).
I opened myriad pro, saved — crashes on open.
opened, killed features, saved — works.

(not sure that simple pair positioning should be decompiled into a “full” form)

Hi, Yury. Decompiling features from the font binary is still in its early stages. The current feature code is very rough and incomplete, but it should get better with each new update. Still, a crash is not good. We’re investigating this, but if you find more issues, please report!

I can send a zip with crashing font somewhere off-forum under assumed NDA for the font content.

Still crashes 3.0.1

I fixed it after the release of 3.0.1.