Standard/basic metrics + values as RoboFont

Is there or could we have a plugin that shows the standard/basic metrics as RoboFont + the (values) for each as attached, which are (Ascender, Cap Height, X Height, Baseline and Descender)
the concept is that I want to see the metrics (values + base name) in front of me while I’m designing the font , thanks

Take a look at @mekkablue’s ShowVerticalMetrics plugin:

Also available to install from the Glyphs Window > Plugin Manager. fyi.

Well, I liked it, that is very helpful, but I’m looking for the standard metrics + the (values) for each… maybe this plugin just need some editing to be as what I’m looking for. but I don’t have that much of experiences in this type of scripting,

Why do you need the values of the vertical metrics displayed all the time?

It is not something necessary that much, but I see that will be more practical for workshops & beginner students.

I think the beginner students shouldn’t be caught up in those numbers though. I find it misleading for them.

The only thing I need to know is if my nodes are on the metics or not. And that is indicated by brown diamond shapes behind the nodes.

Well, as I said It is not something necessary that much… thanks

Any chance for developing this plugin, exactly as the attached image?! for Glyphs v. 2

Seem like a good idea. Specially with the more diverse metrics.

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