Start point position

It is more efficient to have start point positions after a straight line.
At least the rounded corners filter seems to set them after the curve.

Could be a plug-in that moves the start point to the next possible place, after interpolation that is.

Jens Kutílek built us a solution as a free plugin, many thanks!

Interesting! Thanks!
Is there any elaboration of why that is? I am curious.

If it is after a line, you can make use of a simple closepath directive. If it is right after a curve, the last point of the final curveto or rcurveto directive will have to reduplicate the coordinates of the first node. Principle problems with code reduplication aside, it can also (in a CFF grid finer than 1/1) miss the starting point by a fraction of a unit due to rounding errors.


Where can I see the number of nodes per glyph in glyphs?
Less nodes after OptimizeStartNodes, smaller font.

You mean the coordinate descriptions in PS code, thus smaller CFF table? Yes.
But that does not equate to fewer nodes in the .glyphs file.

As soon as any node selection is active, there is a count displayed on the far right of the grey info box. Shows total number and number of selected nodes.