Start window doesn't show up

When I opened G3 I can’t see the very first window that shows create a new document icon, recent files, and links to the website.
OS: High Sierra 10.13.6 No plugins installed.

  1. Window > Start Window
  2. Press Cancel (if applicable), and it should take you to the Recent Documents section,
  3. Verify this setting is on:


When I go Window > Start Window only this window appears and there is no cancel button.

The Recent Documents page is only available if you have any recent document. Can you check “File > Open Recents” menu?

What happens if you click the escape button when you are on the start window? For me it returns to the initial window where you have the “New Document” option.

@GeorgSeifert I have 3 different files created in G3. Although I used and saved several times those files, Open Recents is empty. I don’t know what is wrong. Nothing shows up on macro panel also.

@dannycalders escape button doesnt do anything.

There is a global system setting to store recent files or not. Maybe you disabled it on some point.

There is no recent files on G2 either. I will try to do fresh install for both and see what will happen. Thanks.

That is most likely a system setting. Or a problem with permissions in the preferences folder.