Starting a Chinese font

Hi, I’m aware the Glyphs 2.3 update supports simplified and traditional Chinese, though it seems to function differently compared to other languages as it doesn’t show up as a glyph (understandably since there are over 80,000 characters). I also can’t pull up Chinese characters if I start typing with the Chinese keyboard, but can see its outlines when I import a Chinese font.

Has anyone else attempted to play around with Chinese fonts with the new update? Would love to understand how this process works since I’m in the research phase of this laborious yet exciting journey.

Thanks in advance!

If you want to type it in Glyphs, you need to make Latin glyphs first. For example in Japanese typing, much like Chinese, we type in Latin and they will show up on screen until the intended letter gets converted to Japanese. That means there needs to be Latin letters to show (it doesn’t matter if it’s blank, the glyphs need to exist).

You have to add the glyphs first before you can type them. Try adding them through Glyph > Add Glyphs… (Cmd-Shift-G). Type the characters there, space-separated.

Thanks! That worked, didn’t realize you could add glyphs by directly typing the character in its own language. Is there a reason why the Chinese ideographs aren’t prepopulated like the Japanese and Korean characters?

Japanese and Korean presets are the results of their respective researches (Japanese done by me, not as thorough yet). If there is a pretty reasonable set, then you could submit that as official set.