Startpoints messed up

Just noticed the “export from Fontlab” -script messes up the startpoints and path orders. They are all consistently wrong, but this doesn’t help me.

I exported the Glyphs masters to UFOs, opened them up in Prepolator for some automation and took new the UFOs back to Glyphs. The startpoints were still not the same in the Glyphs as they were in Prepolator. Any idea why this might happen?

Is there any way to relocate the startpoints automatically in Glyphs, for example to the point which is nearest to the origo of the glyph?

Glyphs has a slightly different way to mark the start point. But this is only of interest for interpolation and as this applies to all outlines it should not cause a problem.

You should try “Layer > Correct Path direction”. This also unifies the start point.

Well it would not be a problem if Glyphs would be the only program I’m using. Now Glyphs files are not compatible with my other tools.

How about this: since start points are collectively in the wrong place, could I move them all in unison up/down in point order?

This is only a display problem. If you open a .ufo and save it again, the start point is still there where is was.

Ok, I see. But still if I copy paths from Glyphs to another program or vice versa, the points are wrong. I guess I can manage it now that I know what to watch out for, but this is not an ideal solution.

What is the purpose of having the start point at exactly the same place every time? It is only important for interpolation, and as long as the outlines are interpolated correctly, there is no problem. What is the real goal you are trying to achieve by copying paths between softwares, especially with regards to starting points?