STAT table for a variable font with two axis and italic

I’m working in a typeface with opsz and weight axis, with italics in a separate Glyphs file. I’m using Glyphs 3.0.3.

I have upright and italics instances showing OK in Adobe menus (“Elidable STAT axis value name: ital” did the trick) but I have tested in samsa and I have realized STAT table is messed up.

I have read the tutorial and I have some doubts:

  • Do I have to use Style Name as STAT entry and Elidable STAT Axis Value Name in the Variable Font Setting instance or in every regular instance?

Now I have this on the variable settings and fails to pick Small as a opsz family (it works with display). Also, some weights are missing.

Also I have tried to use the Custom Parameters in every instance, using Elidable for the Regular weights and all the Default Optical Size.

(BTW, Disable Localization in Preferences doesn´t work)

I’m sorry to put this thread up again, but I’m trying lots of things and it doesn’t work.
The main problem, I think is that Glyphs can guess SemiBold or Book are names on the weight axis, but it fails to guess Caption, Small or Display are names in the opsz axis. It just add Book or whatever in Optical Size menu.

Sorry I must have missed the topic back then. You should put the custom parameter only in the instance that has the elidable name. Typically you would put this only in Regular.

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without ‘www’ or ‘forum’). I will have a look.

Thanks Reiner, I sent you the Glyphs file.

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There is indeed a bug in the Axis Mappings parameter. I filed a bug report. Workaround: instead of an Axis Mappings parameter in Font Info > Font, better add Axis Location parameters in every instance in Font Info > Exports.