STAT Table : Slant & Italic

I’m puzzled as to why the STAT Table has both Slant and Italic entries when I’m only using the Slant axis (slnt) in my .glyphs file. I noticed this inconsistency after a Font Bakery check flagged it.

Check that the value of the 'ital' STAT axis is boolean (either 0 or 1), and elided for the Upright and not elided for the Italic, and that the Upright is linked to the Italic.

STAT table 'ital' axis has wrong value. Expected: 0, got '1.0'. [code: wrong-ital-axis-value]

STAT table 'ital' axis flag is wrong. Expected: 2 (elided) Got: '0' [code: wrong-ital-axis-flag]

STAT table 'ital' axis is not linked to Italic. [code: wrong-ital-axis-linkedvalue]