Static exports are removing accented characters from filename on export (3228)

For example a font that should be called Lé.otf will come out as L.otf. It only does this for static instances, not variable fonts. Happens with both instance.generate and exporting through Glyphs normally. This previously worked

For static instances, the postscript font name is used as file name. We added better validation to that because it only allows some ascii characters. I’ll have a look

Ah I see. I should set a custom parameter for the postscript name to transliterate é to e while I am at it. But yeah a filename should be more flexible…

I improved this. So for accented chars only the accent is removed (for the postScriptFontName; Lè > Le) and file names retain the accents but will be better checked for chars that are invalid in file names.

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Thanks Georg