Sticking on the hand tool, restart needed

I am reporting a problem that I have been having for a few years now, in all versions of Glyphs and on several Macs and OSs. I often find that it gets stuck on the hand tool, and the only way to get back to normal is to restart Glyphs. I have never been able to properly observe what is happening, I only notice it once it happens. I never actually use the hand tool, I mostly switch between text entry and select tools, and move around and zoom on a trackpad

a small correction, it seems I do use the hand tool, but that is because I regularly use the spacebar to fill an outline I am working on, I just don’t think of this as using the hand tool

Not sure if any of these are the case here. I twice had this too, turned out:

  1. I had a Bluetooth keyboard that was accidentally still on and connected the machine.
  2. There’s a setting in System Settings > Accessibility where you can switch to sticky keys by pressing the Shift key or Space bar 5 times in a row.

thanks, I will check. I sometimes use the sticky keys. I have abandoned bluetooth keyboards, they are the work of the devil. it’s good, old fashioned, cast-iron wires for me now: it’ll put hairs on yer chest, lad

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