Sticky Unicode values

When removing a glyph’s Unicode value, either through ‘info for selection’ [could this just be called ‘glyph info’?] or through the bottom left pane of the main tab, somehow the Unicode value is sticky. I can’t assign it to another glyph, I get an error saying the Unicode is in use by the original glyph, even though it’s not showing anywhere.

This is occurring whether or not the glyph appears in the glyphData.xml, and whether or not ‘use custom naming’ is ticked.

The command is not only for the glyph info, it does a lot more stuff. It is kind of a context menu. If will show a dialog for smart components and guides, too.

I’ll have a look at the unicode problem.
edit: can you post the exact steps and unicode values? I could not reproduce it right now.

  1. Open a new font
  2. Create a new glyph
  3. Remove Unicode value of letter A for example, uni0041.
  4. Try to assign 0041 to the new glyph.

Thanks. I can reproduce it now.

Fixed it.

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Excellent, that bug has been there a looong time. I should have reported sooner, it’s been tangling me for years.

An update is up.

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