Strange behaviour when moving anchors with automatic alignment

The base glyph as well as the accent is moving when I move the anchor. I’d expect it to only move the accent.

The order of the components seems to be correct: 1. gaf (base), 2. accent
I’m using the latest cutting edge version 3.2 (3236).
The file was originally created in a much older version of Glyphs (1364).

Can you send me that file?

It seems I can’t … the forum only allows .glyphs files, but no .glyphspackage.
I’ll save it as .glyphs and send it, if the problem still persists.

Okay, problem is still there. Just sent the file via DM.

there seems to be an assumption in the RTL aliment that the glyph.category is set correctly. Setting the category in GafAccent to “Mark” makes it behave correctly. I’ll have a look what hat is needed.

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Yes, now it works! Thank you! :pray:
I didn’t even think of that. Now I know to keep that in mind. :blush: