Stretched type in Illustrator

Hi guys,

My typeface is being stretched when I export it into Illustrator.

It looks normal in glyphs but is stretched in Illustrator.

It is most noticeable in the round Copyright glyph but it across the entire font. I have some screenshots I can send but I am not sure how to add the to this

If anyone knows how to make sure it the width stays the same in Illustrator that would be great


Remove all hinting information, export without Autohinting.

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Thanks ! that seemed to do the trick .

Is there anything I need to do differently when I export the actual file for selling ? Perhaps there is a dedicated section to this - but is it going to be herder to make immediate changes to it like I can do with the trial one ? Just want to make sure my finalized version is perfect and ready for use. Also is there anything I need to make sure it has for commercial use in terms of exporting ? many thanks for the help !


Make sure you have the right license. Make sure you support at least Win1252 and MacRoman, and cover the languages you want to support. Run tests for interpolation and path QA with the scripts provided and consider fontbakery if you know how to use it. Test in the most important system/app configs (Mac and Adobe, Windows and Word).