Stretching letters --> "Extended" Font

Hi everybody,

is it possible to stretch every letter of a font horizontally (for example by 120%) to make it look “extended”?

I know, those of you who design fonts professionally will KILL me for what I am about to do. But don´t worry, I need this only for a quick mock-up :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

We recently had this question in the forum, must be something in the air:

Wow, that´s voodoo!! Thanks!

Now, is there an easy solution to fix the kerning?

What I have done in two steps:

  1. Stretched it horizontally by 20% (Kerning is messed up)
  2. Scaled it down proportional by 20 % (Kerning looks good, but the font is too small).

Is there a way to stretch it “with kerning”?


I am not sure I understand the question. Are you sure you want to scale the kerning pairs?

Or do you want to scale the whole glyphs, including the sidebearings? Scale it up proportionally first (best via Filter > Transformations > Transform > Scale or, and this really also includes kerning pairs, via File > Font Info > Font > units per Em), then scale down vertically only via the Palette.

THIS is exactly what I was looking for. My problem was, that when I was scaling with the "Scaling Tool (S)", the metrics were not included. I had to fix them manually. That was not very accurate... But with the Transformations-Filter, it works.

Thanks for your support! This application really helps me!

I’m not sure why you would want to do that in Glyphs. When you stretch “letters” you aren’t getting a true extended font. You can do it in InDesign or Illustrator by setting character widths and you can compensate for kerning changes by using Adobe’s Optical Kerning. Creating a stretched font in Glyphs (or any font editor) for a one-off job seems like a lot of work when there are other easier and faster methods available.

I’m not criticizing or commenting about what you are doing, I’m just curious about why you decided to follow this route.