Stroke Weight Interpolation Problem


I am making a font, and I have an unforeseen issue. I’m making a family with various weights. For the ultrabold weight, I need to make the strokes of the “@” symbol thinner than the other glyphs so that it doesn’t look squashed. However, I can still keep the strokes consistent for the lightest variant in the font family.

The thinner strokes of the “@” symbol for the boldest weight result in inaccurate interpolation for my exports (regular, medium, bold). Is there a way that I can override a glyph for my exports so that it looks as correct as possible? Do people usually mind that the “@” looks thinner in most font instances?


Switching shapes might be one option, if you want to change the construction of the glyphs in non-compatible ways.

For your needs, it is probably sufficient to insert an Intermediate layer between the thinnest and boldest master. See the Handbook for details:


That is indeed what I needed. Thank you!