Style linking give faux bold in Photoshop

Hi there,

I’ve added style linking to the Bold version of my font. Works like a charm in Textedit, Word and InDesign. But not in Photoshop by the shortkey (⌘-⇧-B). There the program creates a faux Bold version of the Regular. Fonts like Open Sans do work. Strange behaviour, does anybody have a solution?

Also, how do you link the Bold to the Light version with style linking? Is this even possible with Glyphs?

Attached the Style linking box in Glyphs. And screenshots from Photoshop of the faux Bold.

Thanks in advance!


Weight classes properly set? Does the bold show up in the Style menu?

Don’t do that. You need to link Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic (=RIBBI). Applications will expect RIBBI styles and style linking, and weight class to be set accoridngly (R,I=400 and B,BI=700).

See the Naming tutorial for details. It has a chapter about style linking.

Yeah, Light, Regular and Bold show op in the Style menu:


Thanks for the clarification of the RIBBI and naming stuff. I’ve done it similar to the tutorial. I have these settings in Glyphs, perhaps something is wrong there?

Any reason you have the custom parameters? Those might interfere with the style linking. Try removing them.

I removed them, can’t really remember why I added those :slight_smile: But now it does work! Great thanks!

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