Style linking .ttf issue in indesign

Hi everyone!
I’m having an issue with ttf fonts on InDesign. When I use shortcuts to swtich from Regular to Bold it works as expected but when I hit again the shortcut it switches to light instead of Regular. Also italic is having a strange behaviour. Everything works fine in TextEdit and Indesgin but using the OTF files of the same font.

Thanks, best.

What are your style linking settings? Everything I know about it is in the Naming tutorial.

The strange thing is only happens on InDesign with ttf files.

Here is my style linking settings:
Light = Nothing
Regular = Nothing
Medium = Nothing
SemiBold = Nothing
Bold = Bold of Regular
ExtraBold = Nothing

Light Italic = Italic of Light
Regular Italic = Italic of Regular
Medium Italic = Italic of Medium
SemiBold Italic = Italic of SemiBold
Bold Italic = Bold and Italic of Regular
ExtraBold Italic = Italic of ExtraBold


Should be fine. Can you send me the .glyphs file(s)?

Hi there!
Did you figure this out by any chance?
I’m coming across a similar problem (I don’t have Italics though).
And I confirm it happens only with TTF files.
Comparing TTFs and OTFs head, OS/2 and name table, I don’t see relevant differences (OS/2 and name table are identical). Cheers!

Hello, hello.

I just ran into the same problem.
Style linking with OTFs works as expected in InDesign.
But not for TTFs. Though the style linking of the TTFs does work in Word and TextEdit.