Style name conflict OTF and VF font

I’m having a style name conflict with a Variable Font and it’s 5 Opentype styles. The VF TTF font conflicts with the OTF Thin style. Do I miss something in my Glyphs Export settings? (attached the screenshots of the Variable and Thin settings I have). Thanks for your help!

It’s highly recommend to set “Regular” in the Name entry in your VF instance.

Currently, all your exports are exported with the same family name; that’s probably why your VF is in conflict with the style from statics.

To avoid that, add a Localized Family Name parameter and make sure that the statics and variable fonts have different name sets.

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Thanks! I’ll change it to Regular. And yes, all the six instances share the same family name. Easiest would be probably to rename the Variable Font Family name to something different than the OTF family name. Correct?

that was what Hugo was suggesting.