Style name not right in Name Table ID 2

I’m having a problem which I haven’t encountered before. It seems like the style name is not right in Name Table ID 2 when I export from Glyphs. All of the instances just say Regular, except the ones with style linking to Bold or Italic. Name Table ID 17 shows the right style.
The only thing that fixes this is to add a custom parameter of “Style Map Style Names”. I find it hard to believe that should be necessary when what I enter in there is exactly the same as in “Style Name”? Is this some temporary bug, or is there something I’m missing here?

Because of how windows apps handle style linking, nameID 2 can only be ‘Regular’, ‘Italic’, ‘Bold’ and ‘Bold Italic’. Others apps can handle much bigger families. Those need to look at nameID 16/17.

So, it would be a bad idea for Windows users to add these style names into nameID 2?

Yes. And everybody else has adapted to nobody else (that I know of (*)) relies on it.

*) there where some apps (like old versions of Quark) that used the mac nameID1/2.

Thanks Georg!